Gold Rose Emporium has a wide range of only the highest quality products. We have a dedicated team of craftsmen who have an abundance of experience in both horticulture and jewellery-making. It’s this unique combination of experience that ensures the high standard of our products.

Quality Control

Gold Rose Emporium has a dedicated Quality Control team which closely monitors every step of the manufacturing process.

QC first starts at our nursery, where only the finest roses are picked.

Rose selection is of the highest importance because of how it effects the final product. We always start with the best so we can finish with the best.

The final stage of QC is when the gold roses are viewed one more time for when they are packaged for our customers.



If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any gold rose purchase, Gold Rose Emporium offers a 90 day money-back guarantee from the date you made the purchase.

Simply contact us here if you wish to return a product. Please allow one week for handling and for us to process the refund.


Lifetime Warranty

Our gold dipped roses are high quality and sturdy items but in the very rare case of a rose having a defect, Gold Rose Emporium will replace it at no cost to our customers.

The lifetime warranty however, does not cover the following: Normal tarnishing of the metal surfaces, breaks or bends having occurred from accidental drops, and corrosion from coarse or chemical cleaners. Note: Only metal cleaners should be used to clean the metal parts of the rose.