People usually believe that long distance relationships don’t work. If you are in a long distance relationship, your friends and family will discourage it and they might even advise you not to take this relationship serious as the chance of your getting heartbroken is high.

No one would say that it would be easy to maintain these kinds of relationships as the distance may make things unattainable. Even you might feel that it is complicated when you get lonely and sad. So these relationships are not much famous as they are difficult. Loving a person who is thousands or hundreds of miles away is always complicated both in physically and mentally.

However, if you are in a long distance relationship, you might have experienced that the simple things make the sweetest. The simple things such as holding the hands, eating at the same table, taking walks, feeling the smell of each other would mean a lot when you are in a long distance relationship.

Even though a long distance relationship is tough, you can always make it exciting and romantic as they have their little surprises. So if you are a guy who is looking forward to keeping your relationship healthy and alive, here are few tips that would work great on your relationship making it super romantic and fun.

Stay away from excessive communication

It would be unwise to be over possessive, and you need not communicate 10 hours per day to maintain a long distance relationship. Most of the couples believe that when they are in far away from each other, they need to do more to keep the relationship going. But that is not the truth; you need to keep in mind that “less is more.” If you communicate excessively, you might end up been exhausted. It is all about teasing at the perfect moment and the right spot.



Send her surprise deliveries once in a while

You can either send her some sweets or a yummy dinner which she would love to taste as everyone likes to get a surprise. Make sure that you get her favorites so that she would love you more for knowing about her preferences. Other than getting something of her favorite you can ask the delivery place to add a personalized message in the box to make it more special.

Prevent from any dangerous situations

If you know that your lady would be displeased with you going out drinking with your guy gang or you going to the club, then it would be better if you could prevent from doing that or telling her before so that you can reassure her. However, don’t be careless about these matters as your partner would only be suspicious and worried about you. You would be putting her on a situation where she would feel lacking in control or powerless by these types of acts.

On the other hand, you would quickly fall for the flirting of another one who you were going out in the past or with a one in your office after the work. However, in these types of situations, you need to work wisely, you need to identify the danger you are entering. So always listen to your mind without just listening only to your heart.

Exchange snail mails

Even though technology has made long distance relationships much more comfortable than earlier, you should never forget about the traditional love letters. You can always write to each other some lovely letters or postcards as it would let you both look forward to a letter or a postcard when you are going through your daily mails.

However, you can even make it more special by spraying the perfume of each other on the letter so that the letter would smell like your special one though they are not next to you.

Do your things together

You can do various stuff together with her, such as watching a documentary or a movie at the same time, playing an online game with her. If you have got skills in singing, you can sing to each other over the phone while you are playing your guitar. Moreover, two of you can go outside while having a video call or even you can purchase online gifts for each other as it would be a great way to surprise her.


Stay honest

Now, this is one of the essential things you need to have to keep a healthy relationship no matter whether it is a long distance relationship or not, and every relationship requires the trust. So talk about all your feelings, insecurity or fear with her so that it would be easy to have a great relationship. Make sure that you don’t hide anything from your loved one as it would sooner or later ruin your trustworthiness. On the other hand, when dealing with your stuff, make sure that you be open and honest with your partner as it would let your loved one support you when you need her the most. However, it would be better to consider your problems during the initial stage.

Surprise her with romantic gifts

Ladies love to receive surprise gifts, especially from their guy as it is the perfect way to show their emotions and love. So you can always arrange some surprise gifts for her to let her know that you still care for her even though you are not next to her. However, there would be no better gift other than a rose to surprise you, lady. How about surprising her with a stunning rose dipped in pure gold in the early morning? She would love to have a rose that lasts for a lifetime as it reflects your infinite love and affection.

Get to know about her schedules

It will be useful if you know each other’s programs so that you would know when your partner is free or busy. It would be easy for you to make a call or drop a message to her when she is free without disturbing her when she is at work. However, you need to know about the critical events in her life as it would help you to maintain your relationship smoothly. It is especially important if two of you are in different time zones.