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Gold Rose Emporium has detailed information on this website and errors may appear occasionally. Gold Rose Emporium cannot be held accountable for inaccuracies across the website but will do their best to resolve any customer-related problems that may occur.

Gold Rose Emporium will not be held liable for any damage or harm as a result of website inaccuracies.

Changes may occur on the website occasionally without notice to visitors and customers.
Gold Rose Emporium has the right to accept or reject customer orders through the website.

Products sold by Gold Rose Emporium will not be delivered unless customers have paid for products in full.
All warranty claims regarding flaws in design and/ or workmanship will be honoured by Gold Rose Emporium, however, Gold Rose Emporium will not be held responsible for: Physical injury, damage, financial hardship/failure as a result of the use or supply of Gold Rose Emporium products.

Orders through the website will be processed either the same day or the following business day, however, same-day deliveries cannot be guaranteed as delivery irregularities can occur. No orders will be processed on weekends or public holidays.

Shipping and Deliveries

Gold Rose Emporium cannot guarantee shipping and delivery times. Gold Rose Emporium will not be held liable for damage, loss or delays of any Gold Rose Emporium products.

Responsibility of shipments which lay unclaimed or denied is held by the customer.
It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure someone is ready to accept the delivery at the address on the order.

Couriers may leave a ‘failed delivery’ card but responsibility is held by the customer to organise a re-delivery.


Order details will be emailed to customers to the email address which was supplied by the customer on the order. If a customer has created an account on the Gold Rose Emporium website, order status can be accessed once customers log into their account.

Returns and Warranties

If damage to a product comes as a result of misuse or an accident, customers cannot make a Warranty or Customer Satisfaction claim. The cost of returns is the responsibility of the customer.

Gold Rose Emporium gold rose products should not be bent or scratched, as this will void the Satisfaction Guarantee and Warranty.

Gold Rose Emporium must be given 7 days notice of any products or addresses which are incorrect before the return of any products.

For structural purposes, all of our gold rose products contain some artificial elements.

All of the gold roses sold by Gold Rose Emporium contain the highest purity of gold in the market. The purity of the gold ranges between 22 and 24 karat gold. Gold Rose Emporium periodically tests the purity of the gold used in the gold rose products.

Gold Rose Emporium cannot be held accountable for shortages in stock, especially during popular periods of gift-buying like Valentine’s Day and Christmas. If a product has been damaged by a courier company during delivery, customers must notify Gold Rose Emporium within 2 days of receiving the product.Gold Rose Emporium does offer insurance on its products (click here for more information).

If a customer receives a damaged product, contact Gold Rose Emporium and we’ll make a claim on the customers’ behalf.


Back Orders

Delays in shipping and errors in inventory can occur from time-to-time. Gold Rose Emporium offers refunds in these circumstances. Click here for more information.


Order Cancellation

Cancellation of orders can only be requested if orders have not been processed and products have not been delivered. Email for cancellation requests. Please allow 2 days for approved cancellations to be processed.


Gold Rose Emporium and their customers do not engage in a purchase contract.

The amount of stock listed on the website is an estimate only.

Gold Rose Emporium strives to ensure price accuracy, however, errors may sometimes occur. If an incorrect price appears on the website, Gold Rose Emporium reserves the right to amend any errors and cancel any orders.

Product pricing may change at anytime without notice to customers.


Security of Payments

Gold Rose Emporium uses Trustwave for the security of customer information and e-commerce.


Gold Rose Emporium takes customers’ personal data very seriously. Any personal data given to Gold Rose Emporium is only used for the purposes of: Correspondence between Gold Rose Emporium and the customer, ordering, sales, and delivery of products.

The information Gold Rose Emporium collects is typically: Customer name, customer email address, customer shipping address, customer payment details.

Gold Rose Emporium does not sell or give away customers’ personal data.

Images of Products

As many of the gold rose products featured on Gold Rose Emporium’s website are of natural origin, not every gold rose is identical.

This means that images of these products may vary slightly from the actual physical product. The exact length and width will vary between gold rose products.

Gold Rose Emporium will not be held accountable for differences between images of products on the website and the actual physical products.