In order to produce the highest quality gold dipped roses, Gold Rose Emporium only selects the finest, real roses from its very own rose nursery.

The process of making our roses is truly a work of craftsmanship. Firstly, the selected real roses’ petals are gently plucked from the stem so that all the elements can be delicately dried.

Then we begin electroforming. Electroforming is the process of adhering layers of precious metals to the dried rose. Copper is commonly used as a base layer for its strength and ability to adhere to other precious metals, like gold and silver.

The next step in manufacturing is called electroplating. Electroplating is the addition of the precious metal (gold or silver for example), to the rose for decorative purposes.
This entire process ensures that the final product is of such high quality, that they are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Every one of our gold rose products comes with an authenticity certificate.